Faces2Voices is an online interactive installation which uses facial recognition technology and AI-synthesized sound to create a generative music composition based on imaginary voices of online visitors. The composition is evolving in time depending on the contributions of people involved.

Lots of governments use surveillance technology as a way to control the spread of COVID-19. At the same moment many citizens are ready to give up some privacy for the common good. But how can we define what level of privacy should we give up and how much data do governments really need to respond effectively?

You can contribute to the project by giving access to the camera of your device. AI will recognise your face, synthesize your imaginary voice and add it to the live stream.

Privacy statement

We are implementing a responsible data policy. The project doesn't store or share personal data of participants, but only save and use fictional voice synthesiser metadata.

Faces2Voices is a project by Helena Nikonole and Nikita Prudnikov

inspired by Speech2Face

designed by Nikita Morozov